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Isadores, the business legal services arm of Isadore Goldman, is a progressive business and commercial law firm. Today, we offer a full range of legal services from our three offices in Norwich, Portsmouth and London.

By integrating deep business understanding with new smarter ways of thinking, we tailor our service, expertise and offerings to our clients' different needs. We provide clear advice and recommendations based on each client's unique business challenge and are a strategic partner to our clients. We drive development forward and challenge each other, our clients and the industry with the best deal as a goal.

The choice of the business and commercial law partnering is more important today than ever. In a world that is constantly changing, clients need someone who takes the time to understand how all these external factors can impact them and their business. Our clients get a truly director-lead service, lead by specialists who have the drive and competence required to understand each client's world and helps them make successful decisions.

About the relationship between Isadore Goldman and Isadores

Isadore Goldman was founded by Mr Isadore Goldman in 1885. Practicing initially in family law, Mr Goldman quickly branched out into insolvency which was carried on by his son, Joe, and his grandson, Alfred, well into the 1970s. Alfred Goldman complemented this with a successful bank recovery practice when the firm was sometimes referred to as the “grim reaper” winning the loyalty of a large national clearing bank that continues to this day.

Born out of the success and caliber of Isadore Goldman, in 2021 Isadores emerged as a separate business arm which is a modern corporate and commercial property focused practice servicing a diverse range of business sectors. Isadaores is a new firm built on the foundations developed over 135 years of practicing law.